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Six tips to help you save electricity this winter (Part II)

With winter just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start thinking of ways to save on your electric bill

With winter just around the corner, it’s a good idea to start thinking of ways to save electricity. If you want to save on your electric bill, the answer to the cold weather outside is not to turn up the heat inside.


Here are six easy and cost-effective tips you can try:  

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4. Close the doors in heated rooms

If you’re all sitting in the lounge on a winter’s night, keep the door closed to keep the heat in! Any room that contains a space heater needs to have the door closed or else you’re just spending money allowing the heat to dissipate across the ceiling of your whole house. Similarly, don’t even bother space heating rooms with very high ceilings. In those situations, a blanket is going to land up being your best bet.*


5. Leave your geyser alone; concentrate your power savings elsewhere

Geysers seem to come in for an awful lot of attention when it comes to power-saving ideas. Unfortunately, most geyser management plans are either geared towards shifting power demand away from peak periods, which doesn’t necessarily save you anything, or decreasing the effectiveness of the thing by turning down the thermostat. If you’re a showering household, then lowering the temperature of the water will likely save you money as you will simply use less cold water to compensate. But if you bath, you’ll simply empty the geyser with the first draw, leaving no hot water for the second bath. One thing you can do is to switch it off when you go away for a few days, but apart from that, you’re probably better off spending your time and money making savings elsewhere.*


6. Use energy saving bulbs

The winter months are cold and dark, so you’ll be turning on more lights and leaving them on for longer. Therefore it’s important that you use energy saving bulbs – they can use up to 80% less electricity than standard bulbs! Lower energy does not necessarily mean less light, plus most energy saving bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than your traditional bulbs.
*Tips courtesy of Simon Gear’s book ‘Going Green: 256 Ways To Change Our World’ (Penguin Books)

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