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Stop trying to multitask

Don’t fool yourself by switching from one task to another. If you want to be more productive, read on …

Most of us juggle a variety of tasks on a daily basis, but switching between tasks has a negative effect on our concentration and focus. By multitasking we actually get less done and are more prone to making mistakes. In fact, we’re not multitasking, we’re context-switching, focusing on one task for a few seconds and then on another. It makes you feel busy even when you are actually accomplishing very little. If you want to be more productive, here are some suggestions:


  • Give each task its full-on focus and when it’s done, do the same for the next task.
  • Consider changing your schedule to avoid interruptions.
  • Notice how long it takes you to “recover” from an interruption – you’ll be determined to finish one thing at a time.
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