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The 6 Skills you Need to Develop your EQ

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is your ability to recognise, understand and manage your emotions effectively, and it affects your life, relationships and workplace. Here are the six skills you need to develop it. By Janine Lloyd, executive life coach at My Coach Online (www.my-coach-online.com)



1.    Listening skills

Good listening skills lead to better customer satisfaction and increased productivity and sharing of information, which can lead to more creative and innovative work.


2.    Empathy

Managers who demonstrate empathy have employees who are sick less often and report greater happiness. If you have empathy you are easily able to pick up on other people’s feelings and can put yourself in their shoes. It enables you to form strong bonds with others and to have a better understanding of your differences.


3.    Communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively is important in relationships and at work.

Some communication tips:

  • Become aware of your body language, eye contact, hand gestures and tone.
  • Convey your message as succinctly as possible.
  • By being friendly, asking a personal question, or simply smiling, you encourage others to be open and honest with you.
  • Start any conversation with a flexible, open mind.


4.    Motivation

Motivated individuals strive to improve or meet a standard of excellence. They enjoy what they do, believe in themselves and ignore those who try to bring them down.


5.    Initiative

Those who take the initiative are proactive and control a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond after it happens. They can adapt easily to tasks and situations.


6.    Optimism

Optimistic people always look for the light at the end of the tunnel as opposed to pessimistic people, who always assume the worst. If you only see the negative aspects of any situation, you can miss opportunities, neglect issues that need to be dealt with and fail to take action.

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