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The Modern Mom’s Dictionary

Do you recognise yourself in any of these clever descriptions?



1. Dunch: (noun)

When you give your kids lunch so late it might as well be dinner.


2. meTunes: (noun)

Listening to whatever you want as loud as you want, because it’s your damn car. (So what if your son can’t sing along too?)


3. Cupfakes: (noun)

Buying store-bought treats for your kid’s class on his birthday, then roughing up the icing so they look home-made.


4. Wardrobe momfunction: (noun)

When you drive your kids to school in your pyjamas, wearing no bra, and the perfect skinny-jeaned mom leans in to chat about the bake sale.


5. Swathing: (verb)

Considering your kids’ dip in a swimming pool as their bath for the day.


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