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The Two Friends You Need, and How to Get Them

Every woman should make sure she has a friend who is older and a friend who is younger than herself. Here’s why:



Friendships that stand the test of time are not based on shared demographics – age, motherhood status, career choice, social class and so on – alone.


Rather, enduring friendships provide unconditional acceptance, compassionate honesty and mutual trust.


It’s important that your friendship circle doesn’t just include women who are the same age as you. Friends who have been around the block will help you turn life’s corners, while younger friends will energise and inspire you with new perspectives and unique insights.



Here are five ways to make and keep friendships beyond your age and stage:



1. Expand your Network

Take a class, join a group or sign up for volunteer work.


2. Keep an Open Mind

Look for core values, rather than age-specific values.


3. Consider the Rewards

Intergenerational friendships can boost the healing power of friendship with the benefit of age-provided wisdom and perspective.


4. Listen and Learn

Cultivating friendships with older people can yield vital nurturing and support. Older people are typically more positive, tolerant, less prone to drama and more willing to pick their battles.


5. Cherish Similarities (and Differences)

Younger friends provide instrumental support (think tech!) and they keep older friends current.


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