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Three easy ways to save money

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the financial squeeze. Spending your money wisely is easier than you think.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the financial squeeze. Cutting costs is easier than you might think, especially if you take some time to plan ahead. Here are three easy ways to cut corners ( and costs!):


1. Always ask for discounts for cash or for fees to be waived

Ask doctors whether they will charge you medical-aid rates or give you a discount for immediate payment and ask pharmacists for the generic version of medication for chronic conditions. If you’re paying cash for anything at all, ask for a discount.


2. Invite friends over instead of going out

Staying in is a lot less expensive than going to a restaurant, especially if everyone brings one dish and their choice of beverage. Hopefully they’ll reciprocate. If the weather’s nice, instead of meeting in a restaurant, meet other families at the park.


3. Save on petrol

‘Aim to drive 5km under the speed limit every time you use your car. It will not only save money on petrol but also wear and tear on your car – and it’ll save you money on traffic fines,’ says Simon Gear, author of Going Green (Penguin Books SA). ‘Accelerating to a high speed only to brake hard at the next traffic light wastes petrol.’ Keeping tyres pumped to recommended levels also helps.


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