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Three Reasons to Love Jessica Simpson

Our April issue with Jessica Simpson on the cover is on sale now. Here are some our favourite quotes from her

 Image: REX/Buzz


1. On what how it felt when the media criticised her for putting on so much weight during pregnancy.

‘I never listen to it, no matter who the press talk about when they’re pregnant. I wasn’t going to let the media take away from what was one of the happiest times in my life.’


2. On the lessons she’s learnt from her divorce and that of her sister, as well as her parents’.

‘I’ve learnt that sometimes love is not enough. I think you have to have personalities that mesh, be the yin to their yang.’


3. On finding time for herself.

‘I work out with my trainer four times a week and then do at least an hour and a half of walking every day in the morning before the kids wake up. Sometimes I’m out the door before 5am.’

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