Top baby names of 2016 revealed

And the royals clearly influenced parents…
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Britain’s most popular baby names of 2016 have been revealed, and they seem to be a nation of royalists after George, Charlotte AND Mia all made the top 15 lists.

The number one spots in BabyCentre’s top 100 went to Olivia and Oliver respectively, after last year’s winning name, Muhammed, dropped down to position 2 for the boys.

More traditional names remain most parents’ go-to choices, with the likes of Emily and Sophie making the top 10 for girls, and Jack and Charlie performing well for the boys.

Here are the top 15 for both sexes:


1. Oliver
2. Muhammed
3. Noah
4. Harry
5. Jack
6. Charlie
7. Jacob
8. George
9. Ethan
10. Henry
11. Oscar
12. James
13. Joshua
14. Freddie
15. Leo

1. Olivia
2. Lily
3. Sophia
4. Emily
5. Amelia
6. Ava
7. Isla
8. Isabella
9. Isabelle
10. Sophie
11. Ella
12. Mia
13. Poppy
14. Evie
15. Charlotte
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