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Why you Should Let them Watch TV

Not all TV-watching is a big waste of time. In fact, research suggests certain programmes may actually have health benefits for you and your family



A study from the University of Rochester in New York in the US showed people who watched nature shows felt more energetic and charitable.


Previous studies have found that just looking at still images of nature can lower blood pressure and muscle tension, two indicators of unhealthy stress.


But Animal Planet and National Geographic aren’t the only beneficial channels – it turns out teen drama series may be a free sex-ed lesson for your daughter. Young girls who watched The OC (remember that show?) that featured a character dealing with an unintended pregnancy said they would be more likely to practise safe sex, a study from the University of California in the US found.


‘It makes them feel more vulnerable to pregnancy and imagining that they are friends with the characters makes them more open to the message,’ says the study coauthor Dr Robin Nabi.


By Jessica Girdwain



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