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Under the Jewelled Sky by Alison McQueen is a sure winner with book clubs


Under the Jewelled Sky by Alison McQueen

Orion, R220


It’s 1957 and Sophie Schofield is arriving in Delhi as the new wife of Lucien Grainger, an ambitious British diplomat. Living in an expat compound and mixing only with Brits trying to preserve the days of the Raj, Sophie finds herself yearning for the India she once knew and experienced as a teenager, when she and her doctor father lived in the palace of a maharaja.


The India she knew then, the land of heat and spices, is completely different from the India that has been torn in two by Partition. Her return instigates a devastating chain of events, forcing Sophie to deal with a decision she made long ago.


It’s a colourful account of the India of the late 40s and one woman’s need to belong.


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Our Must-read Book of the Month

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