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Your 3-minute Recharge Trick

In our busy, frantic lives it’s difficult to take a minute to step back and just inhale and exhale, slowly. Try this quick three-minute meditation fix



1. Find a peaceful place where you won’t be interrupted.


2.     Gently rest your palm over your heart. Concentrate on a person, place, song or memory you cherish. The idea is to feel love and to concentrate it as energy in the middle of your chest.


3.     Visualise any thoughts as clouds drifting in the sky. Let them float by and out of your awareness.


4.     Observe the sensations in your heart area: heat, coolness, bliss, compassion, release of pressure, vibration. Over time and with practice, you’ll feel the positive energy in your chest that will flow into your body.


Adapted from Emotional Freedom (Three Rivers Press) by Dr Judith Orloff

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