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Your horoscope January 2018

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions

Capricorn (23 Dec – 20 Jan)

Rather than being ruled by your overdeveloped sense of duty, make choices that feel right for you. Getting involved in group activities will be enriching and bring at least one long-lasting friendship.

SELF-CARE: Treat yourself to a fresh new look that highlights your femininity. Recharge your batteries with calming exercise and time in soothing surroundings.

PERSONALITY: The down-to-earth Capricorn woman is capable and organised. She enjoys being productive and working towards a goal. Often a late bloomer, she comes into her own once she has gained the wisdom of experience. Her style is pared-down and functional. A committed parent and partner, she values authenticity highly.

STRENGTH: Because she has staying power, she doesn’t give up when things get tough.

BLIND SPOT: Being self-reliant, she hides her vulnerability, not realising people will love her more for showing it.

INSPIRATION FOR THE YEAR: Make this your year of realising a personal ambition that has nothing to do with work or family.

GEMSTONES: Sapphire and onyx.

Aquarius (21 Jan – 19 Feb)

Approach career challenges with a positive attitude and they’ll turn into horizon-expanding opportunities. Your leadership potential is also likely to be recognised. Boost productivity by setting aside dedicated time slots to check e-mails.

Self-care: Think less and do more, including fitting in some gentle exercise. You’ll get bored if you don’t have enough mental stimulation.

Pisces (20 Feb – 20 Mar)

Your intuition is working well, so act on what it tells you. Avoiding a difficult discussion with a friend will do more harm than good. It’s better to have the courage to be honest.

Self-care: Set healthy boundaries, as this will help prevent you from getting emotionally drained.

Aries (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

Opportunity is knocking on your door, inviting you to take a step into the unknown. With it comes the potential to get ahead in your career and use neglected talents.

Self-care: Commit to a regular yoga class to stretch your body and relax your mind.

Taurus (21 Apr – 21 May)

Plan ahead and you are sure to have a productive month. However, relationships are hard work up until the 11th. Expect to give more than you get back. Trust your instinct to reduce debt.

Self-care: Boost wellbeing by replacing sugar-laden snacks with tasty, healthy treats.

Gemini (22 May – 21 Jun)

Initially you need to keep your options open, but it soon becomes clear that you have to make choices. Doing the sensible thing doesn’t look like fun, but seeing the positive results is gratifying.

Self-care: Get to know your inner self a little better by reading up on emotional intelligence.

Cancer (22 Jun – 23 Jul)

An important relationship is going through a demanding phase. It’s an opportunity to review habits that are limiting you and to make changes. The 17th brings a breakthrough, opening the way for a fresh start.

Self-care: Creative activities that absorb you completely will be relaxing and renewing.

Leo (24 Jul – 23 Aug)

Rather than resisting what you can’t change, work within the limits. You’ll soon discover that more is possible than you imagined. Bringing the family together for a joint project is favoured around the 6th.

Self-care: The better organised you are, the less the stress at home and work.

Virgo (24 Aug – 23 Sept)

Parenting responsibilities have priority for most of the month. However, don’t let your perfectionist side take over. Be realistic about what you can manage and decline obligations that aren’t important.

Self-care: Carve out me-time. The world won’t fall apart because you take a break.

Libra (24 Sept – 23 Oct)

Give attention to sorting out your home life and putting in place support systems that will ease your load in the long run. Around the 10th, trust your nose for a bargain.

Self-care: Don’t feel guilty about feeling unusually unsociable. A period of temporary hibernation will do you good.

Scorpio (24 Oct – 22 Nov)

As you’ll have plenty of get-up-and-go, you can make headway with projects you’ve put on hold. Initiatives you take will also work out well. However, be sure to include others in your plans.

Self-care: Get out of a rut by making positive changes to your routine.

Sagittarius (23 Nov – 22 Dec)

Up until the 7th, give yourself permission to be open to everything that comes your way. After that, prioritise and be more selective so that you can do what you do well.

Self-care: Doses of wide-open spaces will lift your spirits when you start feeling restless.

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