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Your horoscopes: April 2013

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. What’s in store for you this month?



21 Mar – 20 Apr
Because you are motivated, you are able to make things happen. What’s more, you have the persistence to see through whatever you start once the initial excitement wanes.


Relationships Your partner requires time to digest recent events before he can see what’s obvious to you. Be patient, as the harder you push, the more he will resist.
Self-care Periodically pausing, breathing out and letting go will help you keep calm.
Money Make good-quality investments, even if it means waiting.


Personality Aries is energetic, warm-hearted and action-oriented. Her pioneering spirit enjoys a challenge and she doesn’t give up easily. Her honesty is refreshing, but she can lack tact. Impulsive by nature, she lives in the moment and wants to learn from her own experience. A stimulating partner and devoted mother, she’s fiercely protective of loved ones.
Strengths For her, life is an adventure and she makes things happen. Her enthusiasm is infectious and encourages others to follow her lead in living life to the full.
Blind spot As she is headstrong, she doesn’t take advice easily and so runs into avoidable problems.
Colours Red and white.
Gemstones Diamond and bloodstone.




21 Apr – 21 May

Something is upsetting you, but as you want to avoid a confrontation, you’re not doing anything about it. Find the courage to address the situation so that peace can be restored.
Relationships Your partner is under pressure and has to be reminded that life isn’t all about work and worries.
Self-care Beautiful natural surroundings are necessary for your wellbeing.
Money Unusually for you, you’re in an extravagant mood. A splurge is fine, provided you don’t go overboard.



22 May – 21 Jun

Go with the flow until the 14th, when you enter a dynamic period.
Be prepared to take charge, think on your feet and act quickly.
Relationships A difference of opinion with a friend brings buried resentments to the surface. It’s disturbing, but once the emotions settle, there’s the potential for a fresh start.
Self-care Take it easy for a while and you’ll soon be feeling strong again.
Money As your social life is busy, increase the entertainment budget.



22 Jun – 23 Jul

Others have faith in your ability to take a leadership role, so put your hesitation aside and do it. The challenge will be good for your confidence. Start by negotiating your terms.
Relationships Develop your own parenting style by following your instincts rather than worrying about what you ought to do.
Self-care Finding healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth will give you more energy.
Money A tight patch is ending, freeing up cash for those little extras that make a difference.



24 Jul – 23 Aug

It’s a great month for trying new experiences. Activities that broaden your horizons are favoured, so take the chance to get out of your usual setting or to meet people from other cultures.
Relationships There are plans to be discussed with in-laws. Finding common ground takes a while and a lot of patience.
Self-care As you have an excess of energy, make sure you are active or you’ll get restless.
Money Find out the facts rather than rely on promises when making financial decisions.



24 Aug – 23 Sep

Being there for others takes priority until midmonth. Then the focus shifts to tackling tasks, making changes and standing up for what you want. Be bold and brave.
Relationships You and your partner have plenty to discuss and reorganise when it comes to task division. Circumstances have changed, so it’s necessary to adjust established roles.
Self-care Don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself permission to take it easy sometimes.
Money Reassess the budget and apply bright ideas for cutting costs.



24 Sep – 23 Oct

It’s a month for taking action, rather than endlessly discussing ideas. Joint activities will go well, but don’t play a passive role. Being upfront about what you prefer makes it easier for all concerned.
Relationships An upheaval in the family is a chance to reassess priorities and long-term plans. Use it wisely.
Self-care Calm your mind and keep supple by gently stretching to calming music as often as possible.
Money Be realistic, but not pessimistic, and make working off debt a priority.



24 Oct – 22 Nov

Taking on a challenge will bring out the best in you, stimulating your resourcefulness. However, don’t lose sight of the people around you. Keep the doors of communication open.
Relationships From the 20th, pleasing loved ones counts more than having it your way. Give in graciously.
Self-care You have plenty of energy, but pace yourself. Allow time to smell the roses along the way.
Money Beware the urge to splurge. When the ‘why not?’ mood comes over you, stop and think carefully.



23 Nov – 22 Dec


Despite the occasional hiccup, life is good. Your gift for seeing creative possibilities is working well, so pursue flashes of inspiration.
Relationships Being with the kids is fun, allowing you to play and exercise your imagination. However, around the 20th, remember that, as the adult, it’s up to you to set the boundaries.
Self-care Learn to slow down and savour the small pleasures of daily life.
Money A letdown around the 12th means you have to review plans for later in the year.



23 Dec – 20 Jan


Home life is busy. Entertaining, redecorating and family activities keep you on the go. With so much going on, you can’t always be in control.
Relationships Avoid clashes with a strong-willed parent by being diplomatic. Don’t voice your opinions and let them have their way, unless it’s a matter of major importance.
Self-care You need to be alone sometimes, even if you’re just quietly tidying up while everyone else is out.
Money There are extra expenses this month, but there’s a good reason for them.



21 Jan – 19 Feb


Expect to be on the move, meeting people and discovering new places. With so much to explore, you can’t get bored. What’s more, some of your prejudices are being shaken up.
Relationships Neighbours are being difficult. Being self-righteous escalates the problem, so rather listen to their side of the story and try to find common ground.
Self-care As your mind is overactive, unwind before going to bed or you’ll have trouble sleeping.
Money Pay attention to ideas for increasing your earning potential.



20 Feb – 20 Mar


Asking questions pays off in all kinds of ways, so take an interest in the people you meet and what is happening around you.
Relationships Friends you depend on are moving away and others are busy. As a result, you have to rely on your own resources. It’s an opportunity to cultivate your independence.
Self-care Exercise is vital for your wellbeing, but choose something enjoyable that fits easily into your weekly routine.
Money Avoid situations that tend to lead to impulse buying.

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