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Your horoscopes: July 2013

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. Make the most of your month



(22 June – 23 July)


There’s no point worrying about things you can’t control. Instead, focus on what you can do, especially from the 13th. Be adventurous and take the initiative.


RELATIONSHIPS Pouring all your emotional energy into others leaves you feeling disgruntled. Draw boundaries and you’ll be able to give with more joy.

SELF-CARE Widen your horizons by learning a foreign language, taking an exotic-cooking course or getting involved in a cause that touches your heart.

MONEY An unexpected gift is a reason to celebrate.

PERSONALITY Cancer is instinctive, sensitive and caring. Cautious and conservative, she prefers to stay in her comfort zone. For her, family comes fi rst, as she is a nurturer and homemaker. However, she also has a fine business sense and is shrewd with money. Young at heart, she relates to the world of childhood fantasy. She’s a devoted parent and tender partner who is protective of her loved ones.

STRENGTHS Extremely tenacious despite her gentleness, she doesn’t give up on people or projects that she cares about.

BLIND SPOT Because she takes everything personally, she’s easily hurt and takes ages to get over it.

COLOURS Silver and white.

GEMSTONES Pearl and moonstone.




(24 July – 23 August)


It’s a month for tying up the past, doing behind-the-scenes planning and practising patience. Listen to your intuition and think twice before pushing for what you want.


RELATIONSHIPS Be accommodating and go the extra mile to make others happy. The rewards will be worth the occasional sacrifice.

SELF-CARE You need to recharge your batteries, and unwinding at home is more attractive than lots of socialising.

MONEY Be sensible and curb the urge to indulge your expensive tastes.




(24 August – 23 September)


Double-check plans, pay attention to details and read the small print. People are sensitive to criticism, so choose your words carefully. Around the 21st, it’s worth taking a calculated risk.


RELATIONSHIPS The reappearance of someone from the past stirs up uncomfortable feelings. It’s an opportunity to face unfinished business and move on.

SELF-CARE Being too hard on yourself is wearing you down. What you need is a healthy dose of TLC.

MONEY Go out and treat yourself to something beautiful.




(24 September – 23 October)


After a frustrating start, the momentum picks up. What’s more, you have the confidence to take the lead and make things happen. Around the 21st, be quick to respond to a career opportunity.


RELATIONSHIPS Your partner is in need of a sounding board. Listen sympathetically, but let him find his own answers.

SELF-CARE Although you are a people person, don’t neglect quieter interests that feed your soul.

MONEY Buy major household items at a bargain price at the end of the month.




(24 October – 22 November)


The better informed you are, the better choices you’ll make, so do your research. Later in the month, plans for the future, which you’d put on the back burner, come back to life.


RELATIONSHIPS There’s no need to be overly worried about the kids. The hiccups are part of growing up and they will be fine.

SELF-CARE Put down some of your burdens and treat yourself to a good dose of fun.

MONEY This area is stable, so you can relax.




(23 November – 22 December)


You are unusually cautious, which is exactly what is required, as this is not an expansive phase. Trust your inclination to stick to what’s known and familiar to you.


RELATIONSHIPS Reach out to the wider family circle. Whether or not you have much in common with your relatives, they are part of a network that you belong to.

SELF-CARE Trying to fit in too much is stressful. Learn the wisdom of ‘less is more’.

MONEY This is a good time to invest in home improvements or property.




(23 December – 20 January)


Areas that have been stuck get moving again and all you have to do is go with the flow. Follow your gut instinct and look for the best in the people around you.


RELATIONSHIPS This is a positive period for your partner. Doors open and the initiatives he takes turn out well. However, your encouragement and support are also important.

SELF-CARE Give yourself permission to seek out comfort and cuddles.

MONEY Despite an unexpected household expense, you can manage.




(21 January – 19 February)


Career growth is linked to using your people skills and having the patience to develop potential. Review your goals and reorganise your schedule.


RELATIONSHIPS The focus is on offering emotional support, especially to parents and children. Apply some of the lessons you learnt recently.

SELF-CARE Give in to a bout of nostalgia – get out those funny photographs from your youth, play old songs and watch vintage movies.

MONEY Your funds get a boost around the 19th.




(20 February – 20 March)


You’ve entered a phase that favours teaching art, developing your own creativity or working with children. Generally, do what feels right for you, rather than being self-sacrificing.


RELATIONSHIPS Get organised so that you and your man can fit in some of the romantic things that bring you closer. Otherwise work, children and running the home take over.

SELF-CARE Pamper yourself in small, inexpensive ways.

MONEY Draw up a budget for treats and know how much you can splurge.




(21 March – 20 April)


Initially there is plenty to keep you stimulated and mentally on your toes. Then the focus shifts to emotional matters requiring a sensitive approach.


RELATIONSHIPS Circumstances favour reconnecting with family far away or renewing relationships that have been under stress. However, don’t rush in. Take it slowly.

SELF-CARE Make a point of being kind to yourself. Sometimes it’s okay to take the easy option.

MONEY Around the 7th, don’t get carried away by a pleasant surprise and overspend.




(21 April – 21 May)


Express your creative side by making changes around your home. Paint a wall in a warm colour, play around with decorative touches or rearrange the furniture.


RELATIONSHIPS Your partner is almost through a difficult patch. Now that he is more available, you can have those conversations that had to be put on hold.

SELF-CARE Being active will make you feel good about yourself, so although it’s winter, don’t overdo the hibernating.

MONEY Midmonth, a worrying financial situation turns around.




(22 May – 21 June)


Because you are feeling insecure, it’s natural to fear the worst. However, there are encouraging developments later in the month. For now, be cautious and take it easy.


RELATIONSHIPS You are not the only one feeling vulnerable. Be gentle with those close to you. Acts of kindness will speak more than words.

SELF-CARE Take a break from information overload. Rather feed your imagination with beautiful songs, music and poetry.

MONEY Around the 21st, acting on your intuition pays off.

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