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Your horoscopes: March 2013

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. What’s in store for you this month?


20 Feb – 20 Mar

The focus is on keeping your heart open to people and the needs of the moment. As aresult you can’t always stick to schedules or stay on top of practical tasks.

RELATIONSHIPS You can’t save the world, but there are many ways that you can make adi erence. All it takes is asmile, afew kind words or acaring gesture.

SELF-CARE You need to withdraw from the world periodically and return to yourself.

MONEY Keep something aside for emergencies.

PERSONALITY Pisces relies on feelings and intuition to fi nd her way in life. Innately gentle and kind, she avivid imagination, she is drawn to music, poetry and the visual arts. She also has aspiritual side. Asensitive partner and imaginative parent, she believes in the healing power of love.

STRENGTHS Because she is empathetic and slow to judge, people feel safe to confide in her. Without saying much, she conveys adepth of understanding that is healing.

BLIND SPOT Falling too easily into the role of rescuer, she can become drained and disappointed because people take advantage of her. Learning to draw boundaries helps.

COLOURS Sea green and mauve.

GEM STONES Amethyst and coral.



21 Mar – 20 Apr

Uncertainty holds you back till the 12th. After then, you are well placed to take the initiative and introduce changes. Rather than being headstrong, consider what is will be sustainable.

RELATIONSHIPS Avoid blurting out what’s on your mind to family or friends. Your bluntness will be misunderstood, hurting feelings.

SELF-CARE You need lots of physical activity, followed by gentle chill time.

MONEY You have leaky pockets – as quickly as funds come in, they flow out.



21 Apr – 21 May

Getting involved in group activities tests your team spirit. Although it’s not always easy to be flexible, by drawing on your instinct for harmony you can play aunifying role.

RELATIONSHIPS One of the kids is struggling with feelings that are di cult to verbalise. By patiently reading between the lines, you’ll get clues to what is going on.

SELF-CARE Rather than overindulging in sweet treats, nourish your soul.

MONEY Listen to your sensible side when it comes to fi nancial decisions.



22 May – 21 Jun

All the ups and downs make it difficult to stay focused. Take things one day at atime and you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Eventually, the tide will turn.

RELATIONSHIPS Actions speak louder than words. Pay attention to what people do, not what they say, especially when deciding who you can depend on for help.

SELF-CARE Be kind to yourself by consciously slowing down.

MONEY Rough estimates can’t be relied on. Get proper quotes before committing to repair work.



22 Jun – 23 Jul

The grass is looking greener on the other side, but in reality nowhere is perfect. Instead of dwelling on dissatisfaction, emphasise the positives in your current situation and build on them.

RELATIONSHIPS Encourage your partner to eat healthily, exercise regularly and get enough rest. He’ll then be able to manage his current challenges more e ectively.

SELF-CARE Unwind by escaping into the world of the imagination; fantasy movies and stories are ideal.

MONEY Start saving for adream.



23 Jul – 24 Aug

Factors beyond your control are shaping the month. Instead of getting upset, accept things and be willing to adjust your plans.

RELATIONSHIPS Between work, parenting and running ahome, it’s easy for acouple to neglect intimacy. Give special attention to this aspect of your marriage.

SELF-CARE Make acommitment to savouring heart-warming pleasures that cost little or nothing.

MONEY This is not afavourable time for making investments, as there will be hidden pitfalls.



24 Aug – 23 Sep

Letdowns are par for the course at the moment, but don’t let them get you down. By month-end the situation will have stabilised. What’s more, you’ll be fine.

RELATIONSHIPS Your partner is going through a confidence wobble. Rather than rushing in to help, be quietly supportive while he sorts himself out.

SELF-CARE Take the pressure off yourself to be perfect and you won’t feel so tired.

MONEY Amatter related to joint finances needs to be addressed soon.



24 Sept – 23 Oct

For now, you can’t look too far ahead. Wait and let things take their course. From the 22nd, you enter adynamic phase that favours fresh starts.

RELATIONSHIPS Your partner is fed up with delays. Give him the space to let off steam; as he isn’t open to reason, don’t engage.

SELF-CARE Balance the demands of daily life with moments that are more about being than doing.

MONEY It’s worth cutting back in other areas in order to do home maintenance.



24 Oct – 22 Nov

A bout of confusion soon passes, leaving you with renewed motivation. Tackling challenges is invigorating and you’re able to be inventive.

RELATIONSHIPS No matter how grown-up kids seem, they need to share their hopes and fears with an understanding adult. What seems minor to you is major to them.

SELF-CARE Feeling frustrated is an indication that you aren’t expressing what you want.

MONEY It’s tempting to overspend on clever gadgets, but try not to succumb!



23 Nov – 22 Dec

Your restless nature is giving you trouble, stirring up thoughts of relocation or career changes. However, they are more passing ideas than real possibilities. Look for other ways to make life more stimulating.

RELATIONSHIPS Reach out to family you haven’t seen for awhile. Even if you don’t have much in common, they are part of your circle of belonging.

SELF-CARE Alaid-back weekend away would be perfect; alternatively, plan interesting day outings.

MONEY Put the focus on building up savings.



23 Dec – 20 Jan

Avoid misunderstandings by checking details and confi rming arrangements. Communication is clouded by emotions, so don’t take what people say at face value. Be sensitive to the undercurrents.

RELATIONSHIPS Towards month-end afamily crisis requires quick action. The old answers won’t work, so be openminded and asolution will soon appear.

SELF-CARE Take charge of negative thought patterns that undermine your self-image – feed hope not fear.

MONEY Unexpected household expenses upset your budget, but there is asaving grace.



21 Jan – 19 Feb

You are being pushed to reassess your priorities. Take into account ‘feeling’ factors, not only what is reasonable. Be patient while you look for the answers. It’s aprocess.

RELATIONSHIPS Bright ideas or clever words won’t go down well with certain family members. What they want is empathy and understanding. Say less and listen more.

SELF-CARE Get into the habit of eating lightly, but regularly.

MONEY The urge to splurge is strong, but you can control it.

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