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Your horoscopes: May 2013

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. What’s in store for you this month?

21 Apr – 21 May


You are motivated to make an extra effort, so you can achieve much this month. When hiccups occur, opt to entertain alternatives rather than stick stubbornly to your original plan.


RELATIONSHIPS Although you are a loyal friend, some people pass through your life only for a season. Accept this and let go graciously.

SELF-CARE Inspiring music, movies and conversations keep you buoyant.

MONEY Around the 15th, keep a tab on spending, as funds will flow out faster than expected.

PERSONALITY Stable, affectionate and pleasure-loving, Taurus is the earth mother of the zodiac. Usually serene and peace-loving, she has a stubborn side. For her, material and emotional security are important. Her common-sense approach makes her a good businesswoman. She loves to beautify her environment and values good quality. A faithful friend, loving partner and parent, she can also be possessive.

STRENGTHS She has a gift of contentment that enables her to take pleasure in life without ignoring its realities. In a crisis, being around her is a reassuring reminder that all is not as bad as it seems.

BLIND SPOT Because she can be overly attached to her comfort zone, she can get stuck in a rut.

COLOURS Pink and russet.

GEMSTONES Emerald and coral.



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