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Your period – sorted!

Kotex has the perfect products to get your period sorted this holiday
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Kotex knows how to keep you and millions of other women around the world protected with its reliable products. These products are designed to give women the freedom and confidence to live their life and enjoy every moment of it. And they have been doing just that for the past 90 years.

Kotex has now launched Kotex All Nighter Maxi Pads. This great new product is the longest and widest in the Kotex range. The Kotex All Nighter pad is designed to maximise skin comfort, protect against leakage and fit the body perfectly. The extra coverage offered ensures leakage protection at all times, making this the perfect pad for heavy-flow days.


Here are four more great Kotex products to keep you comfortable during the festive season:

1. Kotex Ultra Thin Pads 

Kotex Ultra Thin Pads offer you discretion and 3-in-1 benefits: protection against leakage, maximum comfort and a perfect fit with your body. The pads are designed with an innovative core for instant absorption and protection against leakage.

2. Kotex Designer Scented Panty Liners

These great panty liners are designed to be worn with any underwear. The liners are individually folded and wrapped for convenience and hygiene. These liners feature pretty, stylish designs to instantly uplift your mood. 

3. Kotex Everyday Panty Liners

Kotex Everyday Panty Liners are very thin for discretioun. They have a soft cover and are body-shaped for everyday comfort. 

4. Kotex Designer Tampons

You don’t have to worry about incidents when using Kotex tampons, which have a blue ultra-absorbent zone for extra leakage protection. There are different-sized tampons to suit every flow – mini, normal and super – and they come in colourful wrappers

Visit www.kotex.co.za for more information or follow @KotexSouthAfrica on Facebook. 

Cover Photo: iStock/Viktor_Gladkov

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