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Your Pet Problems Solved

‘My cat refuses to use his litter tray. What can I do?’

‘If your cat was using his litter tray and nothing has physically changed (you haven’t moved it or changed the litter type), take him to the vet to make sure there is no underlying medical problem,’ says Wendy Wilson, an animal-behaviour practitioner at Thinking Pets in Joburg.

‘If he is okay, try the following: clean the tray regularly (cats are very particular); make sure the litter is a type your cat will use (there are many, but he may not like the feel of some of them – a favourite is still sand, about 3cm deep); put the tray in a quiet, easily accessible place (not too close to his food or bed); and make sure there are enough trays to go around (one per cat and one spare).

If he still won’t use it, consult a qualified animal behaviourist for help,’ says Wilson.

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