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Your Stars: April 2014

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. Make the most of your month! By Tracy Shaw



(21 MAR – 20 APR)


It’s a month jam-packed with new developments. Some are beyond your control, although all eventually work out for the best. Adopt a positive attitude and don’t fix on any one outcome.

RELATIONSHIPS When discussing decisions with parents or partner, put yourself in their shoes. It’s not about who is right or wrong, but finding caring solutions.

SELF-CARE Exercise is essential to calm an overstimulated mind.

MONEY There is a flow in and out – nothing to worry about.

PERSONALITY Aries is the go- getter of the zodiac – adventurous and impulsive. Her enthusiasm is infectious and life around her is exciting. Honest and direct, she sometimes lacks tact but is never deliberately malicious. A dynamic partner and devoted mother, she is fiercely protective of her loved ones.

STRENGTHS Action-oriented, she tackles problems head-on, often succeeding at the seemingly impossible. Her ‘can-do’ approach motivates others to rise and overcome limitations.

BLIND SPOT She finds it difficult to put herself in other people’s shoes, so can come across as inconsiderate. COLOURS Red and white.

GEMSTONES Diamond and bloodstone.





(21 APR – 21 MAY)


Despite the ups and downs, life is showing you its friendly face. There is much for which to be grateful, including the special people who love and support you.

RELATIONSHIPS Exercise tact with colleagues. It’s best not to call a spade a spade. An indirect approach is more conducive to cooperation.

SELF-CARE Too much refined sugar will affect your energy levels.

MONEY As you will be unusually reckless around the 14th, watch out for impulse buying.





(22 MAY – 21 JUN)

It’s a fast-paced month with sudden changes of direction. Don’t think too much, put on your dancing shoes and keep moving. From the 23rd, normality returns.

RELATIONSHIPS Grasp opportunities to widen your social circle and meet people with whom you’d usually not cross paths. There will be challenges, but of the stimulating kind.

SELF-CARE Balance the busyness with quick breaks to catch your breath and refocus your mind.

MONEY Generosity will be rewarded, so follow the inclination to be giving.





(22 Jun – 23 Jul) 


A disturbing bout of restlessness indicates that you are ready for something new. Be proactive, as well as welcoming what synchronicity brings your way.

RELATIONSHIPS You and your partner aren’t seeing eye to eye. The paradox is that you both have a piece of the truth. Once you take this view, the way opens for a dynamic dialogue.

SELF-CARE Instead of comfort eating, nourish yourself with activities that feed your soul.

MONEY Resources are being stretched, but the money has to be spent.





(24 JUL – 23 AUG)


Your month starts with a wake-up call. Because you are in unfamiliar territory, old attitudes are being challenged. It’s exciting, sometimes anxiety-making, but ultimately liberating.

RELATIONSHIPS Don’t allow pride to stop you accepting the support that is coming from the people who care about you. Have the courage to step out of the familiar role and risk being vulnerable.

SELF-CARE Laughter and spontaneous fun are essential to keep your spirits up.

MONEY A gamble of any kind will end in a loss.





(24 AUG – 23 SEPT)


Until the 22nd, one challenge after another keeps you on your toes and quick action is required. There is no time to worry about doing the right thing, so trust your gut instinct.

RELATIONSHIPS Parenting pushes you to review unrealistic expectations that are putting you under stress. Fortunately, your partner is supportive and a good friend is there with sound, comforting advice.

SELF-CARE Take breathing space or you’ll become short-tempered.

MONEY Reassess nonessential expenses that are straining the budget.





(24 SEPT – 23 OCT)


Things are being taken out of your hands. For now, there isn’t much you can do, except accept the inevitable. Hold on to hope, but not on to fantasies.

RELATIONSHIPS Attempts to get family members to see reason prove frustrating. Rather wait until they are less caught up in their personal dramas.

SELF-CARE Cultivate inner peace with quiet, meditative activities.

MONEY It’s best not to get into financial discussions with your partner.





(24 OCT – 22 NOV)


It’s a busy period, with plenty of stimulating activity. Be prepared for sudden changes of plan, especially around the 22nd. Make things easier for yourself by being flexible.

RELATIONSHIPS Use leisure time with the kids to do things that bring you closer. Don’t overplan; be spontaneous and enjoy simply being together.

SELF-CARE Maintain your equilibrium with gentle exercise like yoga, which harmonises body and mind.

MONEY Be careful of overextending yourself on a big project; start small.





(23 NOV – 22 DEC)


Be careful of being so convinced that you are right that you ignore any other point of view. Pushing blindly ahead will cause problems, so be humble enough to stop and listen.

RELATIONSHIPS Family life is going through a harmonious phase. Sharing meaningful moments with a parent deepens mutual understanding.

SELF-CARE Listen to the urge to take it easy, rather than filling leisure time with back-to-back activity.

MONEY Careful management is required to keep within the budget.





(23 DEC – 20 JAN)


This is a difficult period for you personally, bringing up familiar insecurities. Although the immediate reaction is to go into overdrive, don’t. Prioritise and pace yourself.

RELATIONSHIPS Reach out to your support network. There are those who are good with practical help and others who know how to listen. Ask for what you need.

SELF-CARE Allow yourself to follow your impulses, rather than always doing what you ought to do.

MONEY Don’t worry about what might happen. It might not.





(21 JAN – 19 FEB)


Pushing difficult feelings under the carpet unfortunately doesn’t make them go away. Face what is troubling you as honestly as possible and you could make some valuable discoveries.

RELATIONSHIPS Exercise kindness in your interactions with colleagues. Being sympathetic to their concerns, rather than rationalising them away, will lead to greater cooperation.

SELF-CARE Release pent-up tension with vigorous exercise. A short, intense work-out will do the trick.

MONEY You are fortunate to be the recipient of a generous gift.





(20 FEB – 20 MAR)


Out of endings come new beginnings, so make peace with what is falling away. There is a lot of adjusting to do, which can’t be rushed, so find the pace that suits you.

RELATIONSHIPS You can effectively play the go-between, helping others smooth over their differences. Listen to your intuition and do what comes naturally.

SELF-CARE Be careful of slipping back into habits that undermine you because you are feeling unsettled.

MONEY Listen to the urge not to take on extra debt.




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