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Your Stars: February 2014

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. Make the most of your month! By Tracy Shaw



(21 JAN – 19 FEB)


You are not as free as you’d like to be to follow your own agenda. Instead, compromises have to be made in order to turn your ideas into reality.


RELATIONSHIPS Connecting with your global family of friends and acquaintances will give you a satisfying sense of being part of the bigger picture.

SELF-CARE Clear your mind by taking short, brisk walks, preferably in good company.

MONEY Unexpected developments around the 6th mean rethinking the budget.

PERSONALITY Independent and idealistic, Aquarius is by nature a free spirit. She thinks outside the box and questions social conventions. Although she has a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, she enjoys the role of observer and needs her own space. Her detachment allows her to stay cool when everyone else is getting wound up. An unconventional mother, for her marriage is about being equal partners and best friends.

STRENGTH Naturally inclusive, she has a gift for bringing people together, so creating a sense of community.

BLIND SPOT Being so convinced that she knows what is best for everyone that she forgets to consult and consider – even though she has the best intentions.

COLOURS Silver and electric blue.

GEMSTONES Obsidian and opal.




(20 FEB – 20 MAR)


It’s a month of highs and lows. Things are neither as good nor as bad as they seem, so take a wait-and-see attitude until after the 28th.

RELATIONSHIPS There is something you need to discuss with your man. It’s best to wait until you feel less emotional, then choose a time you are both relaxed and won’t be disturbed.

SELF-CARE Me-time is essential or you’ll feel drained.

MONEY Retail therapy is tempting, but set a limit so that you don’t have regrets later.





(21 MAR – 20 APR)


Linking up with others is smarter than going it alone. Be the one to initiate a lift roster for the kids or to bring friends together around a shared interest.

RELATIONSHIPS Being action-oriented, you make quick decisions and then get on with it. However, currently you need to practise patience with people who change their minds and want to reconsider the options.

SELF-CARE Allow time for gentle pleasures like listening to music, reading and watching the sunset.

MONEY Focus on conserving your resources.




(21 APR – 21 MAY)


Although perseverance is finally paying off, you can’t yet relax – there is still too much to do. Luckily, people are helpful and there are no obstacles in your way.


RELATIONSHIPS Cultural differences are likely to lead to a misunderstanding with colleagues unless you keep an open mind and avoid making any assumptions.

SELF-CARE Replace a bad habit with one that is good for your wellbeing. All it takes is commitment.

MONEY Major purchases around the 12th will prove problematic, so wait.




(22 MAY – 21 JUN)

Around the 12th, a setback creates confusion, resulting in a review of long-term plans. Explore the possibilities, but wait until after the 28th to make decisions.

RELATIONSHIPS Parenting is a joint project that requires constant adjustment. Sit down with your partner and take stock of what’s working and what isn’t.

SELF-CARE Breathing space to relax and renew is essential.

MONEY Being overly optimistic towards month-end could get you into trouble.




(22 JUN – 23 JUL)


Change is in the air and, as much as you’d like to delay it, you can’t. Make it easier for yourself by not resisting.

RELATIONSHIPS Events involving the wider family circle will go well, especially when everyone has a say. Keep in mind what is best for all, rather than your personal preferences.

SELF-CARE It’s not wise to neglect your needs. Do something special for yourself once a week.

MONEY Sort out tax or insurance problems as soon as possible.




(24 JUL – 23 AUG)


Act on bright ideas. Around the 11th, stubbornly insisting you are right blocks communication. Be humble enough to entertain alternatives.

RELATIONSHIPS The differences between you and your partner are causing problems. Turn things around by valuing what you each bring to the partnership.

SELF-CARE The self-discipline necessary to stick to healthy routines comes easier than usual.

MONEY Double-check bills and till slips as well as your financial calculations.





(24 AUG – 23 SEPT)


Misinformation, misunderstandings and absent-mindedness all get in the way of your being your usual efficient self. Instead of beating yourself up, make allowances and see the funny side. RELATIONSHIPS Balance the demands of parenting with simply enjoying the kids’ individuality. Share leisure time together and put the focus on pleasure. SELF-CARE A bedtime wind-down routine will help you switch off your busy mind and sleep better.

MONEY It’s not an advantageous time to buy household gadgets.




(24 SEPT – 23 OCT)


You have plenty on your plate, but luckily you are energised. Take the lead rather than wait around for those who are predictably unpredictable.

RELATIONSHIPS With the children, actions speak louder than words. Make the consequences for breaking the rules clear and stick to them.

SELF-CARE Forget the demands of daily life with a good book – something intelligent and entertaining.

MONEY It’s not worth compromising your priorities by overspending in order to keep up with the crowd.





(24 OCT – 22 NOV)


You’ll be happiest quietly getting on with things behind the scenes and not taking on anything too challenging. Tie up loose ends and do forward planning.

RELATIONSHIPS Don’t get emotionally caught up in family matters – rather bring detachment. Stepping back will create the space for answers to appear that you would never have come up with on your own.

SELF-CARE Take a gentle stretch class or learn a routine you can do at home to soothing music.

MONEY Any kind of speculation is best avoided.





(23 NOV – 22 DEC)


A case of itchy feet makes this an unsettled period. A complete change of environment isn’t practical, so get creative and look for other ways to keep yourself stimulated.

RELATIONSHIPS Take the initiative in friendships by reaching out to those you’ve neglected. Arrange an outing with the girls to do something fun.

SELF-CARE Breathe deeply before reacting and you won’t be derailed by the current emotional roller- coaster ride.

MONEY Gifts are coming your way. Welcome the abundance.





(23 DEC – 20 JAN)


See a welcome confidence boost as encouragement to aim higher. This is a good time to launch a small business or to take the lead in a team project.

RELATIONSHIPS When your partner presents you with plans that sound impractical, don’t immediately dampen his enthusiasm. Be willing to discuss, explore and consider what is possible.

SELF-CARE A change is as good as a holiday, so vary routines and try unusual leisure activities.

MONEY Follow up any bright ideas you have related to finances.


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