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Your horoscopes: June 2013

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. Make the most of the month

By Tracy Shaw



22 May – 21 June


This isn’t the right time to rush into anything new, so put decisions on hold. Keep busy with activities that distract you from thinking too much.


RELATIONSHIPS The people you usually turn to for a good heart-to-heart aren’t available, so you need other outlets. Try writing a letter to yourself.

SELF-CARE When you feel unsettled, go for a brisk walk or clear out the cupboards.

MONEY Don’t be seduced into making a bad investment by big promises or scare tactics.

PERSONALITY Versatile, youthful and intelligent, Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac. She enjoys gathering and passing on information, whether in casual conversation or through her work. Her bubbly personality draws people and her interests are diverse. As she needs to keep hands and mind busy, sitting still for long doesn’t suit her. A stimulating partner, she relates best to children once they are old enough to talk.

STRENGTHS Whatever her age, her lively curiosity keeps her interested in life and she is fun to be around.

BLIND SPOT Preferring to keep things light, she is uncomfortable with difficult feelings and tends to rationalise them away.

COLOURS Yellow and light blue.

GEMSTONES Agate and citrine.




22 June – 23 July


Although you dislike change, you can’t get away from it. Instead of reacting in your usual way, be positive and calmly do what has to be done.


RELATIONSHIPS Use tact to smooth the way in both personal and working relationships. Give people the benefit of the doubt and look for their best sides.

SELF-CARE Although it’s cold outside, being housebound isn’t good. Get out, meet people and keep stimulated.

MONEY Start saving up for a special future treat.




24 July – 23 August


You have a sociable month ahead, filled with opportunities to meet interesting people. Be willing to try new experiences and entertain unusual ideas.


RELATIONSHIPS Children are great teachers, showing you different ways of looking at life, which is stimulating and fun, keeping you on your toes.

SELF-CARE Being busy is good, but you also need downtime to unwind.

MONEY There is a financial issue that needs to be discussed with your partner, but first get your thoughts on the matter clear.




24 August – 23 September


It’s an upside-down month, making planning ahead diffi cult. Take each day as it comes and prioritise people’s needs, including yours, above being productive.


RELATIONSHIPS Being there for friends in trouble keeps you extra busy. Be caring and kind, but don’t take their problems on board. You will only get stressed and worn out.

SELF-CARE You are more vulnerable than you realise, so look after yourself by getting extra rest.

MONEY Unavoidable expenses related to the children stretch the budget.




24 September – 23 October


Although you’d like to stay in the background, circumstances aren’t allowing it. You have to leave your comfort zone and take on greater authority.

RELATIONSHIPS A parent is stressed and not communicating clearly, making it difficult for you to help. Be patient and look below the surface. You’ll soon discover what’s going on.

SELF-CARE Include one meditative activity in your day. Even 20 minutes makes a difference.

MONEY A big expense turns out to be less serious than expected.




24 October – 22 November


You aren’t sure whether to listen to your head or your heart. They both have a valid point, so rather than making an either/or choice, invite them to work together.


RELATIONSHIPS Make quality time with the children a priority, and don’t pack it with things to do. The less structure, the better. In this way you can relax into being together.

SELF-CARE For inspiration, read a good book or watch uplifting DVDs.

MONEY Think long term, even if it means delaying immediate pleasure.




23 November – 22 December


Joint projects and pooling ideas will go well, provided you keep your ‘know-it-all’ side in check. Ask questions and you’ll learn much.


RELATIONSHIPS Your partner is going through a self-doubt wobble and needs time to refi nd his balance. Resist the urge to leap in with well-meant but unasked-for advice.

SELF-CARE Practise the art of slowing down so that you can savour the pleasures of the moment.

MONEY It’s best not to sign contracts regarding loans, leases or insurance.




23 December – 20 January


The emphasis this month is on sharing and caring. Focus less on getting things done and be ready instead to chat over coffee, catch up on the phone or have conversations in the supermarket.


RELATIONSHIPS Because you are allowing some of your vulnerability to show, people feel comfortable opening up to you in a different way.

SELF-CARE Balance your tendency to be serious with lots of laughter and lightness.

MONEY Be a savvy saver, but don’t take the joy out of life.




21 January – 19 February


Circumstances favour taking the next step towards realising a dream. Although there are difficulties, you can find ways around them. All it requires is some creative thinking.


RELATIONSHIPS At the office, tread carefully or you’ll upset a colleague who is feeling insecure. It’s best not to say more than is necessary.

SELF-CARE Pamper your senses with a leisurely home spa treatment or treat yourself to a massage.

MONEY Be careful of overspending – look closely at the price tag.




20 February – 20 March


It’s to your advantage to be informed, so make an effort to find out the facts. When making plans, take a long-term view – patience and persistence will pay off .


RELATIONSHIPS One of the children is having a diffi cult time dealing with peer pressure. Get some expert advice on how best to support him or her in handling the situation.

SELF-CARE As you are feeling restless, a change of scenery will do you good.

MONEY There’s a lucky break around the 17th.




21 March – 20 April


Avoid making silly mistakes by thinking before you act. As communication is highlighted, be aware of not only what you say but also how you say it, and consider people’s feelings.


RELATIONSHIPS Ups and downs in the family circle put an extra demand on your nurturing side. Lots of TLC and empathetic listening are required.

SELF-CARE When you feel bogged down, a change of scenery will lift your spirits.

MONEY Save costs on home repairs by asking around for advice. It’s an upside-down month, making




21 April – 21 May


Concerns about the future are weighing on your mind. Share them with your partner and you’ll see what is real and what isn’t. Then you can apply your common sense to the situation.


RELATIONSHIPS Be generous and extend the hand of reconciliation to a friend. You may have your differences, but they aren’t that important.

SELF-CARE As you are feeling vulnerable, it’s easy to comfort-eat. Find other ways to nourish yourself.

MONEY Unusually for you, you’re inclined to impulse spend.

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