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Your Stars: June 2014

We went stargazing to bring you your astral predictions. Make the most of your month! By Tracy Shaw



(22 MAY – 21 JUN)


You’ll find that what you are saying to others is exactly what you need to hear, so try listening to yourself. Generally, reduce information overload.

RELATIONSHIPS Find a balance between being understanding and standing firm with the children. Be clear about what is non-negotiable and what can be discussed.

SELF-CARE This is not an extroverted phase, so you’ll be happier unwinding gently at home.

MONEY It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be suspicious of big promises.

PERSONALITY Versatile, quick- witted and cheerful, Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac. Being friendly and outgoing, she chats easily to everyone. Her lively mind needs plenty of stimulation, as well as variety, otherwise she gets bored. She is fun to be around and her diverse interests make her a mine of information. An engaging partner, she sees parenting as a stimulating learning experience.

STRENGTHS Whatever her age, she never loses interest in people or the world. This keeps her young at heart.

BLIND SPOT Being interested in everything, she can scatter her attention all over the place, ending up with nothing to show at the end.

COLOURS Yellow and light blue.

GEMSTONES Agate and citrine.




(22 Jun – 23 Jul)


Your attitude makes a difference to your experience. Look for the good in whatever is happening and, whenever possible, avoid judging or taking sides.

RELATIONSHIPS Sidestep dead-end arguments by letting your man take charge of DIY projects, even if he procrastinates or comes up with solutions that you think won’t work.

SELF-CARE Being with your female friends is even more nurturing when you meet in a soothing environment.

MONEY Check guarantees before buying electrical or audio equipment.





(24 JUL – 23 AUG)


It’s a month for gathering information, entertaining new ideas and being free to change your mind. Group activities, especially those arranged around shared interests, will go well.

RELATIONSHIPS Think twice before spreading unkind gossip that could affect a friend’s reputation, especially as you can’t even be sure that it’s true.

SELF-CARE Variety is the spice of life – without it you’ll get bored and fed up with routine.

MONEY Being forgetful could be costly, so keep track of important payment deadlines.





(24 AUG – 23 SEPT)


Doubts are bringing up questions about a commitment made last month. Then it seemed like a good idea, but now you are unsure. Time is needed to consider whether the concerns are real or passing fears.

RELATIONSHIPS Rather than having unreasonable expectations of yourself, give your partner, parents and in-laws a chance to feel needed by asking for support.

SELF-CARE Put pleasure on the agenda, otherwise it will be neglected.

MONEY Apply your organisational skills to sorting out ongoing problem areas.





(24 SEPT – 23 OCT)


A long-standing dilemma is coming to a head, resulting in quick decisions and lots of activity. You have the resources to cope with the roller-coaster ride.

RELATIONSHIPS When no-one has to play guessing games, negotiation is possible. Be upfront with your partner about your ideas and don’t assume you know what he wants – ask.

SELF-CARE Escape into romantic movies, especially those with beautiful period settings.

MONEY Save by cultivating good buying habits like having a shopping list and sticking to it.





(24 OCT – 22 NOV)


You are determined to move forwards with making radical changes, but it’s not an easy process. Patience, persistence and realism all help.

RELATIONSHIPS One-to-one relationships are going through a harmonious phase, except for a brief period of defining boundaries around the 12th. Accept your own and others’ limitations.

SELF-CARE It may be winter, but don’t overdo the hibernation. Clear out the cobwebs with a walk in the fresh air.

MONEY It’s absolutely fine to splurge within reason.





(23 NOV – 22 DEC)


Questions about where you are heading are hanging around. Instead of dwelling on them, immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of daily life.

RELATIONSHIPS Communication problems with your partner are an indication that you can’t assume that you see things the same way. Take extra trouble to be clear.

SELF-CARE Staying within your comfort zone will be reassuring, not boring.

MONEY Midmonth, don’t get carried away by an extravagant impulse that can’t be reversed.





(23 DEC – 20 JAN)


A career challenge gives you the opportunity to exercise your people skills and your self-control. Tact is more effective than direct confrontation. At home, accept change graciously.

RELATIONSHIPS Children remind you that frivolous fun has its place in a balanced life.

SELF-CARE Take a break from information overload with a good read that stimulates your imagination.

MONEY There are unexpected house- related expenses in the second half of the month.





(21 JAN – 19 FEB)


Initially, progress with long-term plans is slow. Then, from the 15th, the pace accelerates. You have to think on your feet and act fast – all very exciting.

RELATIONSHIPS Your ideas about parenting are up for review. Put assumptions aside and ask questions of those with more experience. Also be interested in what children have to say.

SELF-CARE Refresh body and mind with outdoor activity. It doesn’t have to be strenuous.

MONEY Cash will run through your fingers unless you exercise discipline.





(20 FEB – 20 MAR)


In this emotionally confusing period, things are neither as good as you hope nor as bad as you fear. Don’t get swept up by each passing development.

RELATIONSHIPS Address hurtful behaviour from a friend by being honest. She may or may not understand, but what matters is that you haven’t pushed it under the carpet.

SELF-CARE Sharing funny stories from the past with family lightens the heart.

MONEY Towards the end of the month the risk of impulse buying is high as well as costly.





(21 MAR – 20 APR)


Up until midmonth, you are stretched to your limits. There are problems to resolve and major reorganising to be done. What’s more, as there are others to consider, you can’t do it your way.

RELATIONSHIPS Negotiate the current complexities of one-to-one relating by doing your best to see things from the other person’s perspective.

SELF-CARE Satisfy a dose of nostalgia by indulging in old movies, songs and photographs.

MONEY Shop around for good buys – you could find some bargains.





(21 APR – 21 MAY)


The focus at work is on interpersonal dynamics, especially defusing tensions. Your ability to stay calm and reasonable stands you in good stead.

RELATIONSHIPS There are meaningful moments with friends, as well as opportunities to simply socialise. Around the 12th, a compromise is needed to keep your partner happy.

SELF-CARE Beauty is vital for your wellbeing. Feast on colours, textures, fragrances and tastes.

MONEY A matter you thought you’d settled last month returns, requiring further information gathering.



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