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How to prevent your mascara from smudging

Make ‘panda eyes’ a thing of the past
How to prevent your mascara from smudging

Whether your lashes are long or short, one of the most common makeup mishaps is smudged mascara. This is especially frustrating, since it’s usually one of the last products we apply and it can ruin the effort that has gone into our eye-shadow application, requiring us to start from scratch. And who has time for that? But this needn’t ever happen again. Here are four great tips to make mascara application a less messy ordeal. 

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1. Primp and prime

Even if you are foregoing eye shadow and are going to rock a nude lid, using an eyelid primer is a great way to prevent mascara from smudging. This is because it absorbs excess oil – a major culprit when it comes to smudged makeup – on eyelids and prevents them from becoming oily throughout the day. 









2. Stay put

Ever heard of tubing mascara formulas? They may have been all the rage a decade ago and subsequently fell out of favour, but they are great for those who are prone to smudging. They coat the lashes in polymers that require a lot of elbow grease to remove, but it means that they have serious staying power. 












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3. Get set

While wearing waterproof mascara daily isn’t bad in and of itself, the tugging required to get it off at the end of the day can cause some lashes to fall out. Instead, use it strategically by placing waterproof mascara or a top coat just on the tips of your lashes. This will make it much easier to remove later. 









4. Wait a minute

This step might require a bit of training, but it’s the most important one if you are a chronic smudger. After applying your mascara you need to keep your eyelids half-shut and try not to blink for at least a minute to allow the formula time to dry. (Don’t open your eyes too wide or close them completely.) This will stop mascara from getting on the skin above and below your eyes, and will make for a perfect finish. 

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