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3 natural tips for preventing fishmoths

Simple solutions!

Fishmoths are typically attracted to cool places but can live almost – not good news! One of the places they seem to love is a clothes cupboard, which is a problem because they can wreak havoc on items of clothing. Here are three simple, and natural, ways to make sure fishmoths stay away from your clothes:

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1. Bay leaves

Tuck some bay leaves in among your woollen jerseys before storing them over summer. Bugs hate them!

2. Herb balls

Make up sachets of cedarwood balls, lavender blossoms and dried rosemary, and hang them among your clothes.

3. Epsom salts

Sprinkle Epsom salts on the bottom of a box that you’re using to store clothes for the season.

PHOTO: iStock/MrKornFlakes


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