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weight loss 5 nici_eng_22.1_leah

GH reader Nici Clifton tells us how she lost 19kg

As a desk-bound graphic designer, Nici found herself getting increasingly heavy. Now, her attitude towards exercise and health has changed radically. ‘I’ve learnt to love what I have, while still working for what I want, and to treat my body like it’s the most amazing thing I own – because it is!’ she says. By Leah van Deventer
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GH reader Kirsten Kali Fortune tells us how she lost 20kg

This first-year college student turned her life around by becoming more aware of what she ate. ‘I feel so much healthier and confident, and I have a lot more energy. I feel so comfortable in the clothing I wear and I still receive compliments all the time.’ By Leah van Deventer

GH reader Nasreen Riley tells us how she lost 11,8kg

City-housing official Nasreen could never stick to a weight-loss programme – until she discovered Banting, the low-carb, high-fat diet. Although she still wants to shed 13kg, she feels great about the lifestyle choice she’s made. ‘I haven’t felt this shiny and happy in years!’ she says. By Leah van Deventer
200 Calories_afr_19.01_leigh

What do 840 kilojoules look like?

We all know how many kilojoules we should be eating per day (roughly 8 400, depending on age, height and activity level, among other things), but what do 840 kilojoules (200 calories) look like when it comes to different foods? This video has the answers
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GH reader Bhavana Whisgary
tells us how she lost 12kg

The early death of her father and the upheaval of moving provinces was ‘a life-changing experience’ when Bhavana was 16, and she started gaining weight. Now, after many disappointments, this preschool teacher and owner of a school-transportation service
has finally found the solution to her weight issues, and ‘it’s awesome!’ she says. By Leah van Deventer
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GH reader Zaida Grobbelaar tells us how she lost 38kg

Zaida had been a slim 65kg before becoming a mother, but she got progressively heavier with each birth of her four kids. She hasn’t met her goal weight yet, but she’s confident she will. ‘After losing nearly 40kg I know what I’m capable of now, and I will eventually get there!’ By Leah van Deventer