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nice person

A dog can tell if someone is not a nice person

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably long suspected that your furry friend is pretty insightful, and now a new study has shown just how canny that canine of yours could be. By Francesca Rice
Dankie tog jy’s terug! Die boom het flougeval!

Cats, dogs and Christmas decorations

Are you having trouble keeping your pets away from the Christmas decorations? You are not alone. Just look at these fluffy cuties wreaking havoc on the Christmas decorations!
Hacks for dog-owners

Hacks for dog-owners

Here are seven tricks to make sure you can focus on having fun with your pooch

Why Does My Dog Shake?

There are many reasons why dogs shiver and tremble. Here’s how to tell whether it’s due to pure excitement or something more serious
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Friday Funny

Do your pets insist on getting into tight spaces?