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Tested products: Kettles

Instead of replacing it every other year, consider investing in one of these quality models

Tested product: Bluetooth speaker

There’s a time for headphones and a time to go loud and proud with your favourite tunes on a Bluetooth speaker
tested products: vacuum cleaners

Tested Products: Vacuum Cleaners

Keeping floors and carpets clean is the chore that never ends, but it’s essential to stave off allergic reactions and other ailments that result from the build-up of dust and dirt in our environment.
Budget TVs

Tested products: Budget TVs

Buying a great-quality TV needn’t cost the earth – here are some of the best bargains available
Keyboard & mouse

Tested products: Keyboard & mouse

Despite many advances in computing, like touch screens and voice commands, it’s still the humble keyboard and mouse that keep us productive at work and at home
tips for buying a fridge

5 must-know tips for buying a fridge

Unlike many other electronic devices and appliances, fridges are designed to last a long time, so it pays to put some thought into what features will matter most in your household