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5 apps no working woman should be without

Keep track of work schedules, share to-do lists and even find time for exercise while you’re at work

These days you can’t ask a ‘How do I…?’ question without someone commenting ‘There’s an app for that’. And it’s true – there are few aspects of our lives, and especially our working lives, that can’t be managed by a few clicks and swipes thanks to clever app developers who think of everything. Regardless of what field of business you’re in, these apps are sure to simplify your life (and improve your health!) as a busy career woman or working mother.

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1. Wunderlist

If you’re a fan of making lists, then this is the app for you! With everything you’ve got to keep tabs on on a daily basis, you’re bound to forget one or two things. But not if you have Wunderlist – it’s the ultimate app to help you tick off all your professional and personal to-dos. Create and share grocery, work or household lists with anyone who has the app; set reminders and assign to-dos; collaborate with colleagues on shared project lists; simplify planning a work or family trip thanks to organised check lists, and more. Download it now.

2. Desk Job

We all know too much sitting can be detrimental to our health. If you’re too busy to exercise before or after work, why not squeeze in some activity while you’re at the office? Desk Job comes with a configurable break timer and more than 70 stretch and strength exercises you can do right at work. You can adjust the sitting and break intervals according to your day. Download it now for Android. It’s also available for Apple users.

3. Evernote

Evernote is one of the top note-taking apps in the world. Work smarter, not harder, and save yourself loads of time and energy thanks to this app. Take notes, share documents, enhance your lists with links and audio recordings, and then archive and sort your notes all in one place. Download it now.

4. 22seven

Make banking and budgeting easy with this safe and secure app. Link all your bank accounts, credit and store cards, investments and loans so you can see and manage all your money in one convenient place. Keep track of your spending so you can stay within your budget, invest your money wisely, and more. This proudly South African app deserves a spot on your home screen! Download it now.

5. Hours

Struggling to keep track of your hours, shifts or schedules at work? Download Hours to help you keep track of every second, set reminders or view tracked time according to a specific client or project. And that’s not all – you can also view and share detailed reports, and add notes to your time logs. It’s like having a personal time manager in the palm of your hand. It’s available for Apple users only, but Android has its own version: Hours – Time Tracker.

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